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5 Star TGBA & 5 Star Atlanta teams where players from across Georgia and outside of the state regionally and nationally are welcome.  At 13U and older, we will typically only have advanced level teams in specific areas and control the number of teams overall geographically in order to focus on maximizing high school varsity development and college recruiting assistance.

As an organizational philosophy, outside of special circumstances, at the youth ages, we do not accept players moonlighting or “picking up” nor do we allow our players to do it without permission.  Any exceptions for special circumstances such as injury must have formal approval in writing.  In short, we are not a "pick-up" player organization or support that mindset.

Along with our extensive network of personal relationships with college coaches and professional scouts, we offer a Recruiting Seminar to better help promote our players and educate our parents on the recruiting process and how it works.  Signing up for showcases without guidance can result in poor evaluations and expensive mistakes.

Contact Chris McRaney (15 and older) or Randy Phares  (14 and younger) for questions.

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