Who is 5 Star Team Georgia Baseball Academy (TGBA)?

Team Georgia Baseball Academy was founded in 2004 and is entering its 19th year in travel baseball. In 2022, after decades of national success and multiple national championships, Team Georgia Baseball Academy, along with our affiliate locations across the southeast, VELO Baseball and Team Louisiana, joined the Five Star National family.  We are considered one of the top organizations in the southeast and have helped place 600+ players in college baseball and 50+ players in the MLB draft since our inception. 5 Star TGBA is designed with two main goals in mind: Development and Exposure. The end goal is to help our players further their education through the game of  baseball.

A couple other fast facts:

  • Casey Mize , the #1 overall pick in the 2018 MLB Draft credits his development at Team Georgia as a significant factor in reaching his goals.MLB Network
  • 24 Perfect Game Championships
  • 5 Perfect Game National Championships
  • One of only two programs nationally to ever win a Perfect Game WWBA National Championship in the 15, 16, 17, and 18 age groups

How will 5 Star TGBA help promote my son to college recruiters?

Along with a database of hundreds of colleges and professional scouts, TGBA offers Winter Workouts and a Recruiting Seminar to better help promote our players and educate our parents on the recruiting process and how it works.

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Where are your facilities located?

We have multiple facilities that we use, allowing for attendance/commute flexibility for players in the entire greater Atlanta area, (as well as those outside of Atlanta).

Our main Georgia locations are based out of the premier facilities in Alpharetta, Cumming, Marietta, Norcross, and McDonough along with surrounding local parks.  Because of these relationships, we can host games, tournaments, etc. which logistically helps our families.

In addition, our https://twitter.com/VeloBaseball organization (ages 7-17) is based out of Hernando, Mississippi for interested players in the listed age groups.

Tell me about your coaches?

5 Star TGBA has a combination of former professional and collegiate players, as well as former high school and college coaches. Most importantly, our coaches are men of high character.

If my son is offered a spot on a team – when will we be notified?

We will typically notify all players within 48 hours of a formal tryout. If not notified in that time frame it is safe to assume the player has not been offered a spot on a team for the upcoming season.

Once notified, how long do we have to decide if we will join or stay with the organization?

We ask for a commitment to the organization within 48 hours of offering you a roster spot. It is not required that you let us know within 48 hours, but after that time then we will often need to offer that spot to another family. If the spot is still available after 48 hours then we will still consider you for being in the organization.

How do we formally communicate our commitment and ensure that we have a spot on the team once offered?

An initial verbal agreement, along with registering online must be completed within 24 hours of you being offered a spot with along with a $500 deposit that will be a part of the registration process.

How many teams will there be at each age group?

To provide focused development, we prefer no more than two teams in in a local geography for most age groups. This changes from year to year, particularly at the older ages. Teams vary from year to year by age group. This will be determined after tryouts.

When will the rosters for the teams be available?

Rosters will be available before the start of each season depending on age group. (spring for 8U-14U or summer 15U-18U). They will not be defined after tryouts as to allow for development and the growth of players before making a final decision on a roster after one tryout.  We want to get it right and allowing time for development in our program along with your son’s on maturation allow us to make a more educated decision.

What are the dates for fall and summer seasons?

Dates vary by age groups. Fall season dates run from September 1 – October 31. Winter runs from November 1 – January 15th and Spring/Summer season dates run from January 16 – July 30, depending on each age group. Notes: **14U season runs from roughly from September through mid-June or July and is more of a year long season. *Breaks are included for players who are participating in other sports.

Does 5 Star TGBA place on emphasis on development?

Yes. All our teams practice and have access to a field and local indoor facilities. We provide multiple locations to help with logistics for families in our organization. Practices are determined for individual players and teams based on the time of the year and our coaches understand that frequent practice is necessary for skill development. This is the primary goal of our organization in developing strong players.  In addition our next generation tech stack for personalized player development.


Are there opportunities for additional instruction?

Yes. A part of our program's mission is to provide additional instructional opportunities for our players. Though we do work with outside players, our primary goal is to work with our own families. As part of our program, each player within a 30 mile radius of is required a minimum of 5 individual lessons with a staff coach.  Additional instruction can be purchased after the initial sessions, but is not required. This also allows for building relationships with older age-group coaches as families move through our program from year to year.  We are also partnered with G.A.T.A. for performance training packages at custom pricing for TGBA families. TGBA Performance Training

How many games/tournaments do teams participate in each year?

Games and tournaments are determined by each individual team. The age of the team also determines how many games will be played. Our focus will always be development and playing games is a part of that development.

Are coaches volunteer or paid coaches?

We have paid coaches in the 13U-18U age groups. For the 12 or younger age groups, we have both volunteers, as well as paid instructional coaches. For teams with volunteer coaches (those which we define as part of our developmental programs), those volunteers must go through training with 5 Star TGBA before coaching a team and they are required to have a staff (paid) coach at practices during the season to aid in preparation of players.

Are fall and summer fees separate?

Fall & summer fees are separate for the 15U-18U teams. Everything is included in one team fee for ages 14 and younger.

Are there payment plans available?

Yes. This will be discussed at the first organizational meeting (scheduled for August) and vary by age group. Fees can also be paid online through our own payment system via credit card (with no transaction fees) or paid via check or cash. Fees paid in installments will be debited monthly, in equal installments, until they are paid in full. Balances must be settled completely before the start of the season. 14U and under team members will start making payments on 9/1 after the initial deposit is paid, through 3/1 of the following year. 15U and older team members pay team fees on 9/1 and 9/15, after your initial deposit, for fall.

Are there any fundraising opportunities to help with team fees?

Yes. Opportunities vary by team and will be discussed at the organizational meeting. We do provide fundraising letters as well as other opportunities to raise money for your kids fees. We also have a not for profit organization that can help offset expenses.

What does the team fee include?

Fees include the following as applicable to team: Coach Payment, Tournament Fees, Uniform Fees, Insurance, Instruction, Indoor and Outdoor Facility Use, Coach Travel Expenses, Equipment, Umpires, College/Pro Workouts, Winter Workouts.  Many organizations charge separately for these items and set low "team fees".

What is included in the Player Package?

The following items are included in each player package:

Fall: 2 jerseys, hat, shorts

Summer: 2 pants, 2 jerseys, 2 hats, 2 socks, 2 belts, helmet, shorts, bat bags for youth players, and cleats (molded and metal for older players).

Player Packages are mandatory. Additional items are on a team by team or individual basis and are not included in team fees (i.e. bat bags, catcher’s equipment, t-shirts, bats, spirit wear, etc).

Do you provide an opportunity to purchase extra apparel?

Yes. Extra apparel and equipment can be purchased directly through TGBA through our online spirit wear store. No gear can be purchased or created outside of the 5 Star TGBA brand.

What is TGSA?

TGSA is Team Georgia Softball Academy which is a division of Team Georgia Baseball Academy and is operated by TGBA.

It says in the paperwork that fees we pay are non-refundable. Why is that?

Refunds will be made available for injuries that prevent the player from completing the season or a family move outside of 100 miles. Refunds will not be made available for reasons such as quitting, going to play for another team, not getting along with the coach or players, etc. We tightly budget and pay out substantial tournament fees, insurance, organizational administration, coaches’ salaries, team equipment and other non-variable fees and do so predicated on our teams being full and fully paid. Providing refunds does not allow us to operate within that budget and provide service to the players who remain within the organization. In addition to all the above, each player is receiving tremendous value in their development above and beyond just the tournament and/or league play. Refunds are at the total discretion of the program director.

My son plays for his high school or middle school team. How does that impact his participation in Team Georgia Baseball Academy?

We practice and work out up until the school baseball season begins (14-18 age groups) and then we shut down practice while they are with their school teams. We gear up again right when school ball ends. Of course, many of our players will still come in and workout at our indoor facility, though TGBA does not have structured practice inside of the high school season.  NOTE: If playing for your high school in the fall, you will be asked to provide your TGBA coach with a schedule and to communicate any commitments with your high school. Communication is important as we want to stay away from potential injuries.

What is different about Team GA and other programs as it relates to the fall/winter season?

***This is only applicable for our 15-18U teams.  All teams 14U and under are on a yearly program.

For 2020/2021, our fall/winter season typically runs from 9/1 through 1/15. The start date for the 2020-2021 high school season is in mid-January, which effectively ends our fall/winter season. The fee you pay for fall/winter covers all our team workouts, along with college/pro workouts that we put on locally, and other opportunities (at discounted prices) for showcases we host at college campuses (such as Auburn, Alabama, Miss State, Ole Miss, USM, and South Alabama, along with other locations).  Our college campus showcases are TGBA-only events that vary from year to year.

Tell me more about your College/Pro Workouts?

These workouts are for all our players in the 15U-18U age groups. We also try to incorporate advanced 14U players into these workouts when space is available. We bring in college coaches for 2-3 days (all on weekends) in December and January (before the HS season starts) and run a showcase-style workout. Since D1 coaches can no longer attend these workouts due to recruiting rules, we bring in a combination of D2, D3, NAIA, JUCO, and professional baseball scouts. These programs/coaches will vary from year-to-year. This gives your son additional opportunities to be in front of recruiters/scouts and there are no additional costs for these workouts. The costs are a part of your fee structure.

Who will be the coaches for TGBA teams?

We will have coaches for each team and a coordinator for all the age groups. Chris McRaney is the administrator for all teams. We announce as many coaches as possible in advance of tryouts, but not all coaches will be announced.  Our goal is to put coaches in the right spot to best fit our teams and more importantly, to best fit your players. Sometimes that takes longer than we would like, but it does allow us to get it right and not just put a name on a piece of paper so we can say we have a coach for that team when it might not be the best fit for all.

What is the cost?

Costs vary by age group and will be in the “form letter invite” we send you when you are offered a spot. This fee includes everything other than player travel and additional individual instruction. Additional individual instruction packages as well as any individual lessons you choose to do on your own is a separate cost.

Who do I contact at 5 STAR TEAM GEORGIA BASEBALL ACADEMY if I have questions?

Chris McRaney- tgbaseball23@hotmail.com or Randy Phares- rpharesteamga@gmail.com