Since 2004, Team Georgia Baseball Academy (TGBA) has excelled at a national level as one of the top programs in the country in the 15-18U age groups. TGBA has had over 500+ players go on to play college baseball and 50+ to play professional baseball since 2008.  We are one of two programs in the history of travel baseball to win the prestigious WWBA Perfect Game National Championship at four different age groups (15-18U).


Team Georgia Baseball offers two options for younger age groups starting at 8U-12U. Those two options are: Team Georgia Baseball Academy and Team Georgia Elite junior development.

The Team Georgia Elite junior developmental program is based on a fundamental belief that youth baseball for players typically belongs in the local community and should be focused on high level development and core fundamentals.  Often times, these teams are existing local teams and players that assimilate into our organization for developmental purposes.  Top high school facilities are used for these teams to practice as well as having their coaches involved directly for developmental purposes.

This model promotes playing closer to home for young players and an opportunity to get a higher level of coaching with the combination of Team Georgia coaches as well as talented high school coaches being directly involved with instruction. This will also allow for stronger bonds and relationships to be built as players move into their respective high school programs down the road which is the ultimate goal of this youth program.

Players are eligible to try out for the Team Georgia Developmental Program if you live in Fulton (North Fulton), Forsyth, Dawson, Cherokee, Cobb, Gwinnett or Hall counties.  If wanting to try out for a team from another county separate of the ones listed above you will need to email us for special approval as we want to make sure players will be able to commit to practice and training.  Special note related to TGBA as an organizational philosophy, we do not accept players moonlighting or “picking up” week to week, nor do we allow our players to do it.

Typically, younger teams culminate at 12U with a trip to Cooperstown or Ripken which should be centered around families, friends, community, and fantastic baseball memories.  This would allow us to take players all the way through younger ages, so when the 12U season is done families are not having to search for another program.

Though the program will be developmental, the goal is to have teams playing at a AAA/Major level starting at the 10-11U age groups. This may take a couple years to do in some age groups, though we are confident based on initial interest along with the history of our program, we will be able to do it sooner versus later.

Team Georgia believes as players move toward high school, a new journey for advanced players should begin. If we all focus on common objectives done well (good players, coaches and families), we are confident many of these families will move right into our program in the older age groups.

8-12U Team Georgia teams have paid coaches who run practices, but do not coach in games. Staff coaches offer support and training for the team.  TGBA will provide a coach for games as an option if desired by a specific team.  This program requires volunteer coaches who will coach any games that a Team Georgia team plays through 12U.  At 13U and older, Team Georgia will always provide paid coaches for all events and advanced players will have the option of playing on a TGBA National, TGBA Gold, or TGBA Elite (concurrently in some cases). Coaches must be approved by TGBA and submit information for a background check.

If a player or your team would like to join us as a TGBA Developmental team, contact Chris McRaney @  or Randy Phares @ for additional information.