TG Junior Development Program – “Legends”

TG 8U-12U “Legends” Development Program

The Legends development program is based on the fundamental belief that youth baseball for players 12U and younger typically belongs in the community and should be developmental. At 8U-12U, Legends teams are outside teams that assimilate into our organization for developmental purposes. 

The Legends model promotes playing closer to home for young players and provides the opportunity for volunteer coaches to stay committed to local parks or teams that may have been assembled over the years with other friends or family.  Many of these teams culminate at 12U with a trip to Cooperstown which should be centered around families, friends, and fantastic baseball memories. 

Team Georgia believes at 13U when the transition begins to larger fields of 54/80 and 60/90, a new journey for advanced players should begin.  For 16 years, we have excelled at competition in the teen years, becoming one of two programs nationally to win Perfect Game National Championships at three different age groups.

Legends teams have a paid Team GA staff coach who runs practices, but does not coach in games. These staff coaches offer support and training for an already established team. Therefore, the Legends program requires volunteer coaches who will coach any games that a Team GA Legends team plays. This coach or these coaches must be approved by Team GA and submit information for a background check.

This model also allows Legends teams/coaches to 100% determine the team’s own schedule and determine in what events the team wishes to play.  Team Georgia will provide advice in this area, but ultimately, the final decision is at the discretion of the Legends team coach(es).

As part of our “Legends” program we will provide the following:

1)     One practice per week starting in September (or whenever your team wants to commence). We understand with youth teams (8-12), we are working with responsibilities associated with players who also participate in football, basketball, soccer, etc., so we will start at your leisure

2)     Each player in our “Legends” program will have 5 instructional sessions (this can be a 1-1 session, 2-1 session or a group session with a specific focus such as defensive play, pitching, etc).  These sessions can be used any time from Oct of the current year through March of the following year. Basically, you have 7 months to use your 5 sessions. You can also purchase additional sessions if you wish.

3)     Team Georgia staff will attend up to 3 games during your season to evaluate player performance and other areas we will discuss with you in advance of our attendance. We will provide you with a evaluative write-up of our analysis and address our information in a practice setting.

The cost of this program varies depending on roster sizes. Fees will include your “facility use fee” for Team GA fields (if needed) and our indoor facility (if needed), in addition to your professional coaching and instructional fee (required).

Team GA will provide balls for all practices. The uniform fee will depend on options selected by TGBA annually.  All/any other team costs (e.g. tournament fees, additional uniform or equipment items, etc.) are not included in the Team GA Legends fees – as they are decided upon as a team – and are not determined by Team GA. Specifically, your budget is managed by your team and not by Team GA.

Team GA Legends Practice Program:

The practice seasons are as follows*:

One practice per week from September 5th– May 15th  – excluding holiday weeks.
NOTE: There are options to have 2 practices per week in the months of Jan-March

*Reminder – during spring break or other holiday weeks we may not practice or only offer one practice. We will determine that in advance of your season starting

Uniform package items are listed below:

Fall/Winter: Two Practice Tops/Jerseys, 1 pair TG shorts, 1 TG Hat

Spring: Two of each – pants, jersey, hat, socks, belt, helmet & logo decal, molded cleats (turfs optional add-on)


As mentioned above final costs will be determined by your specific team’s wants and needs. Once we know those, we can come to a final figure in advance of you joining our “Legends” program

If your team would like to join us as a Team GA Legends team, contact Chris McRaney at or 678-296-4737.